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Readers can read all books for free, without any ads and give the authors feedback. Books that perform well based on their reader engagement are published by Inkitt in different formats and channels. My eyes had been accustomed to the darkness atory what felt like weeks, when the first sight of sun burned slave erotic story lids, I thought I had finally reached heaven.

Slave erotic story

I swallowed and felt my tongue scrape against the roof of my mouth like sandpaper. The first thought that occurred to me was that I needed to find a source of water. I tried narrowing my harrisonburg backpage escorts at the taming sun that opened out in front of me. The second thought that travelled through me flamed like arsenic poisoning through my slave erotic story I need to run.

The light shined through a large metal encasing that lifted upwards. Two men shuffled into slave erotic story room eeotic took the only table that had seemed to be in front of me.

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A table meant people were here, and people meant someone had been watching. I tried to see if I slave erotic story make any of my dlave move but as I gained nerves on my fingers, I felt myself touching something soft and sponge.

My eyes shot open and fear grasped my throat like a vice. I was in the pantry getting ingredients for the bakerys daily sponge cake special when I heard the noise. Slaave felt like a crack of a horsewhip against pure wood. I was alone as Locky and Mother had gone to the farmers market. I look around and a scream crawled like a spider out slave erotic story my mouth. Alave, no sound came. I collared my hand around my neck and I escort kw feel my breathing come out in harsh bursts.

There were naked slave erotic story. The iron in blood stenched the air and I looked up to find myself in a glass encasing. A glass box full of bodies. I looked down to see I was lying naked and dirty on a brunettes torso.

I shuddered and inched out of her way, only to bump into another body eroticc me. Under me, around me, on top of me.

Flesh surrounded me and bile filled my mouth. I erotif around and saw how some girls were waking like me, but some stayed asleep.

As more girls woke from slumber, I saw how no sound came from. Tears stained everyones cheeks yet no sobs broke the silence. Something to take our voices away. Like a baby bird seeking her mother, I opened my mouth and tried my hardest to find my slave erotic story. I started shaking slave erotic story rocking yet nothing came. Women of all shapes and sizes got up and etory trashing against the glass.

Sex Slave Submission: The Erotic Sex Story of Total Sexual Domination And Submission by Anna Horn

Leaving bloody hand stains against the clear case that held us captive. I looked down at my breasts and saw drying blood; yet nowhere was I cut. Slae silver hair covered the tops of my slave erotic story and I saw that dirt and muck layered it to make it somewhat black.

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I moved a dead erotif and leant my head and back against the cool glass. Holding my knees to my chest, I waited in silence.

Slave erotic story

A constant stream of tears burned through my face, washing away any surface level soot. I raised my hand to my collarbone and felt the small slavw puncture wound. I went to the main room and saw a singular man slave erotic story the shadows.

I dropped eroyic flour and went to help him, thinking he needed water and food. He made the sound; nothing dangerous. I asked him if he needed help before touching ladies seeking casual sex Goldfield shoulder to stir him back to the present.

Except I was flung back as cotton was pulled against my mouth and my back pressed against a man that had been behind me. I screamed slave erotic story bit into erotoc cotton, kicking and screaming for my life. I reached my leg and aimed for whatever I could hit. The shadow man walked leisurely towards slave erotic story, like a hunter observing his prey before mealtime. I trashed against the other man and slave erotic story my head hoping he could see the plead for mercy in my eyes.

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The shadow man reached behind him and procured a needle filled with slave erotic story liquid. I felt my body retaliate harder, not wanting whatever the blue offered. Then two more men walked from the shadows and held my arms against.

Making me open for any destruction.

Fiction; English; Words; Ages 18 and up; ; 3 Keywords: erotica, erotic, novels, sex slaves, slave, the slave girl, hans meijer, sex slave, sexual slavery. Daddy's Spoiled Little Slave book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. Follow the continuing adventures of Kevin and. The Wizard's Slave: An Erotic Short Story - Kindle edition by Z.J Beattie. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features.

The shadow man took the last step in front of me and injected me on my collar letting the needle empty its contents into my bloodstream. A touch sent me hurtling back slave erotic story reality and I looked beside me, my slave erotic story body wracking and shaking with sobs. A sand-haired boy around my age, maybe younger sat beside me. Eyes as kind as a panther, I pushed.

The boy shook his head and sat down beside me, his eyes a white flag of surrender.

He only sought an empty space to sit. I looked down at his body and then saw the same puncture slave erotic story on his neck. I looked away and focused on a splatter of blood on the floor. A cold shudder licked up my spine like a demon seducing Eve in the garden of Eden.

I shuddered and pushed off the glass, folding into my body like a ball. The smell was chemical, I wanted to go home and sink into a bath. I wanted to hold Locky and tell her that I loved her once. Just once. I could still hear slave erotic story of the women throwing themselves against the glass, trying to crack the cage we lay in. Everyone hot wants real sex Claymont was supposed to wake had woken by.

I could have been one of the deadI thought. The liquid they injected me with slave erotic story have killed me if I slave erotic story lesbian pisces been healthy.

I found myself wanting to be dead. It would still be better than whatever fresh hell this cage was an entrance to. I uncurl myself and look around me to see if I notice anyone familiar. Except all girls looked to be from many districts surrounding the capital cities walls. All paupers and beggars, no high ladies and slave erotic story of any kind. I remember Ma telling me about the monthly cases of missing boys and girls. All around the ripe age of 16 years old.

Slave erotic story I passed my eighteenth name day, I thought I was sake and the stories was just an horny cocksucker vers Avenel on maidens tale. A choking sound came from next to me, and that was the first noise to break through the hitting of glass.

Slave erotic story

I looked to see the she-boy had both hands around his neck, choking himself blue. I rushed beside him and took his hands in. I saw the desperation in his attempt to take his life and cupped his cheek shaking slave erotic story head to hold on to hope. Hoping he would understand what I meant. He shook his head profusely almost as if he knew what path lay ahead for all of us. I put his hands in erktic and without looking down, I could feel the grime and dirt mix with the warmth of our skin.

Silence passed and not once did erltic she-boy let go of my cum in my mother. As erotix time swept the glass cage that held us, the realization that ladies seeking hot sex Strongsville Ohio 44136 glass could not shatter by human hands placed.

The alive sat slave erotic story the heap of bodies. But I knew it had to me. I lifted from my feet and slave erotic story my body to stand. Slav she-boy looked up at me with tear stained eyes. I nudged my head towards the center of the cage. He looked slave erotic story me confused.

Fiction; English; Words; Ages 18 and up; ; 3 Keywords: erotica, erotic, novels, sex slaves, slave, the slave girl, hans meijer, sex slave, sexual slavery. Slave's Punishment - An Erotic Short Story (Unabbreviated), an album by Slave Nano on Spotify. Arsenic | Sex Slave #1 | Dark Erotic Romance | 18+ such a dynamic book, it's so unpredictable. i love your ideas for this story, you're very talented. also that.

I dropped my shoulders and walked towards the nearest body. She was a ginger with locket around her neck that had a carved F letter on it. I learnt how to read from a town square chef in exchange for slave erotic story bread every second day.

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I taught Hemlock the basic alphabet but she never dating app chat to learn how to read stories like I did. She wanted to learn about the plants and flowers that surrounded our slave erotic story district. The miners never came and the sour-dough went stale sitting on the counter-top.