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Sex with my mothers friend I Am Seeking Dating

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Sex with my mothers friend

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Make Time for You. Do you really know what you want. I have children so they must like children. Have two great.

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So I'm a bit a stuck with a situation and I don't know how to get out! My parents are both in their mid 40s, I'm 18, and I have a 4 week old daughter.

sex with my mothers friend I've been through shit I sex with my mothers friend it's relevant to sayand my parents have recently been through alot. View related questions: Fancy yourself as an ladies seeking hot sex Deer Lodge aunt? Add your answer to this question!

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Ask for help! Top agony aunts. Girls of colombia Us. Sitemap I had sex with my mother's friend. I'm worried she will find out! Tagged as: My mum became depressed a few years back, she's mothsrs worse and turned to alcohol.

I fell pregnant and I ended my relationship with my highly voilent ex, who put me in hospital three times and we just escort little rock had a bad year! So, I've tried my hardest to sex with my mothers friend things round, I've needed to offload alot this week.

Things have been difficult, I've lost my job and I'm at home everyday with my baby, while my parents are at the nursery and my brother is at school.

My mum worked overtime on monday.

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She usually has mondays off, and her friend Lee come to see. Sex with my mothers friend was out obviously so he came in and had a coffee with me. We had a chat, I just like spilled out to him, told him wigh, he listened and was such a good friend!

We ended up kissing. The kiss lead to him getting a bit handy Then Lacey woke up for a feed and it felt wrong. I stopped fed lacy and she went back off to sleep sex with my mothers friend he put escorts waukegan il hand on my back, he told me things were going to be okay and he was always there if I needed.

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He kissed me again and we ended up having sex! It didnt feel wrong, we sat and hugged and he had a coffee and we sat on the sofa and chatted. It didnt feel akward or.

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My mum come in about 20 minutes later and they chatted abit and he left. Mum said he was acting weird. I left it and sat with Lacey.

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Mum said I seemed. Anyway, things have been okay, but she said to me today, sex with my mothers friend not been in touch since Monday, I hope he's okay, hope I haven't upset. I've explained Monday wasn't a mistake, but it won't happen.

He said it's fine he understands, hes gonna call-in tonight to see my mum. I'm dreading it!

Sex with my mothers friend

Mum already thinks were both acting weird even though we're not. What if she senses something?

I couldnt possibly tell her! I'm so nervous!!

I've been having secret sex with my mum's best friend and now I'm hooked on seeing her again

You need to come out and tell her because what if somebody sex with my mothers friend her before you had sex with my mothers friend chance motherx tell her? So just come out with it. Your parents always love you no matter what so you need to come out with it. Don't keep it in for mothera minute. So girl, here is some advice, get birth control because you dont need another kid, okay, one is enough at the age of Don't stay in the dark, you need to come to the light.

And I know that from experience, so tell the truth, they'll understand. You are 18, just had a baby and had unprotected sex. Come on kid, start using protection or else you will mothefs faced with baby no. I will not tell u to stop having sex with your mothers friend bec I don't think u will listen so instead I am advising you to use protection when you.

Sex with my mothers friend

sex with my mothers friend Got a relationship, dating, love or sex question? I had sex with my mother's friend. FamilyForbidden loveFriendsSex.

A female ageanonymous writes: Add your answer to the question "I had sex with my mother's friend.