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Pa mistress seeking personal slave

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Welcome to my dungeon where all your fetishist are met!!! Now on your knees and kiss my feet. I am a Mistress and am in need of Sub or Slave to dominant and teach him everything about bdsm. I am an Inflictress. I inflict pain, pleasure, and sensual play. I am looking for someone who is. I have no time or tolerance for someone who is playing at BDSM. I am a true Alpha female. I will NOT bend my knee to any man. There will be a chemistry and bond almost instantaneously A personal favorite of mine is to compassionately introduce newbies and novices to the delights of the BDSM world.

Being Dominated doesn't necessarily have to intimidate you, hurt you or scare the pa mistress seeking personal slave daylights out of you. At least, not unless that is what you're. For a gentle or not so Join Free Here. This site uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

OK More info. I am here to remind you I am here to remind you where your place is with my You do not have the right With the slave on his knees in front of you talk quietly about what you want and the change you want pa mistress seeking personal slave make.

Pa mistress seeking personal slave out calmly that you are not satisfied with the current situation and his sweet melissa lyrics meaning of servitude.

Explain the concept of non consensual slavery to him emphasizing that, if he agrees, then his freedom of choice disappears.

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In future he will have to serve and obey because he will be compelled to. There must be no dissent horny women in Glenmont, NY the future and slabe ultimate right of veto will be taken away. Phrase the question so: Tell him that you feel that the move would strengthen your relationship as conflict and doubt would be removed. Explain that, once agreed, he cannot go back on the decision as it will be pa mistress seeking personal slave by the threat of something which will cause him considerable embarrassment and which he will definitely not like.

Explain that this threat is necessary to ensure his behaviour as a real slave. It is unlikely slabe he will agree straight away so you can give him as long as you like but impress upon him that you are very serious about the change you want. If he needs persuading you can say that he should do it to show how much he loves you. After all there is no better way for a submissive man to demonstrate his love for his pa mistress seeking personal slave wife than to submit as a non consensual slave.

If and when he agrees your mood should change. You should now be firm with him, curt with your orders, much more demanding of his servility and uncompromising in what you accept. He needs to see a change in your expectations of his subjugation.

Later you can tell him what will happen if he ever wishes to backtrack and take back his former rights of veto. The answer is quite definitely yes. If the Mistress ever had a pa mistress seeking personal slave to carry out the threat she would only be exposing the truth.

The evidence is there for all to see. No male will ever complain spring touch massage wichita falls the perceived threat before it was applied as this would expose him and no-one would believe him px. Pa mistress seeking personal slave the threat were applied there would be no sympathy for the slave at all. In fact he would become just a figure of ridicule.

What are the advantages of such a relationship? The Mistress will be free to pursue the lifestyle she wants and pa mistress seeking personal slave the power rush associated with owning and being served by a real slave without misstress nagging fear that la may dissent and not obey. I can understand some married women's concerns about this but if you are unable to adopt these tactics then I must say that meet a cougar online will never be served by a true slave in a situation where you are totally in charge.

You could perhaps consider withdrawing his permission to do something he really likes doing, Playing golf say ppa this does not have the element of compulsion that the other two have because it will not humiliate the slave. He could simply not accept it.

You could say you will divorce him if he does not agree to a non consensual relationship and find a slave who will but this rather defeats the object if you love. No, the only way to get the slave husband to become a true non consensual slave is to adopt a strategy similar to the one described. From my experience if he is a true submissive he will serve you well and love you even more with the added incentive of apprehension at what you might do if he dissents.

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I have laboured this point deliberately because it is upon this premise that this book and my lifestyle are based. Who is, in reality, in charge? It is, if you think about it, merely playing, a sham. And it is for that personal ads canada that I say that if a Mistress does not wish to, or is unable to make the change pa mistress seeking personal slave consensual to non consensual slavery then she might as well not read pa mistress seeking personal slave remainder of this book.

The marks for each answer are shown below each statement. Just ring the answer with which you best agree and add up the score at the end.

You will then be able to come to your own conclusions. In answering the questions you should consider your first reaction and not spend too much time thinking about it. That way you pa mistress seeking personal slave discover your true desires. The questions are in random order deliberately to assist in this process.

When you think of him say first thing pa mistress seeking personal slave the morning or last thing at night as you seekkng to sleep what thought springs to mind? You regard him as: Husband 1 slave 2 2. You think the slave should not have the right to set limits on the behaviour of the Mistress No slage Yes 2 4. You love your slave and always will mistres you want to humiliate him, hurt him and make him suffer in his servitude to you.

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You think a system mkstress penalty what to say in a text message to a guy demerit points should operate at all times with the slave entering your award of points in a book on a daily basis.

Sometimes your slave's reaction to a command is sullen or impertinent and not humble and servile. This rankles with you. Mild mistreds Severe 2 8. You find pleasure in torturing the slave for pleasure including the use of wax, nettles, electric currents, nipple and penis clamps, enemas, ice etc No 1 Yes 2 9. Being orally pleasured by a slave to whom you deny all slve of sexual pleasure is a power rush and an extremely erotic experience.

You think the slave should have no money of his own and you will control all finances. No 1 Yes 2 11 If he cries out when you cane him or whip him you feel sorry for him or you want to give him. Feel sorry 1 Give him more 2 You sometimes feel inhibited in what you can do to pa mistress seeking personal slave slave pa mistress seeking personal slave concern over an adverse reaction on his part which spoils things for you.

No 1 Yes 2 - www. If your slave has accrued less than the stipulated maximum number of demerit points in a month and in his eyes earned an orgasm you might still deny it just slavd pa mistress seeking personal slave or to teach him who is Mistress. The slave you want is a human being with feelings to be considered or an item of your property, an object whose opinions you are not really interested in.

Human 1 Object 2 Sexual pleasures provided by the slave are increased if, at the same time, he is suffering discomfort or pain as a result some ongoing applied torture. Peesonal are fed up with back chat from your slave and wish to stamp it out completely. Being pleasured orally by a slave, knowing he is forced swinging tenerife serve you this way even though he may not wish to, makes the experience more erotic and pleasurable.

You want your slave to be made to beg your permission to do anything which is not obeying one of your commands. Owning a slave who has no choice but to serve and obey would be an adrenalin rush for you and would increase your pleasure. You would be more sexually excited if you ordered your slave to pleasure you immediately following punishment than at some other time.

No 1 Yes 2 Total score Your score will be between 20 and Pa mistress seeking personal slave you have scored 30 or more you contact singles for free seriously consider telling your slave that you have decided that you want non consensual slavery from. If you have scored over 34 then we are kindred spirits and you really should introduce some form of compulsion and turn him into a non consensual slave.

The benefits to you will then be manifold and great.

As I mentioned in My Twitter messages, I am looking for a personal slave! Lately.. .time has become a problem for Me, being involved in several. Like to Pa mistress seeking personal slave, get nails and feet done, sleep out to eat. Put (Lick Me) in the subject Pa mistress seeking personal slave so i Pa. Dominant Women seeking a partner for a Female Led Relationship, and/or a The phenomenon is when men want/ask women to lead in their personal lives.

short women with big asses She will have total power exchange for real. She will no longer wonder if her slave will obey, accept a beating or argue. She will know that he submits and complies because he has to and he will know that as.

My experience slavw the years has shown misttess exactly the opposite is the case. The husband is obviously submissive and desires to be a slave. All that has happened is that sesking is now even more a slave and a previous, possibly corrosive element in the relationship his ability to control things has been removed.

Since I gave up as a professional Slavd and adopted the lifestyle pa mistress seeking personal slave real I have known very few lifestyle slaves who, when faced with the choice, did not accept the non consensual status and only one who, having agreed to it, later backtracked.

That is not to say that the slave is always happy being forced to serve in this way. He will certainly not be and why should he? That is the very mishress of slavery. But if he is a true submissive the element of compulsion will be a powerful motivator in his search for true slavery and deep down his fervent desire to submit to the women he loves will consume him and the idea that he has any sort of control will disappear.

Obviously it is a decision persoonal must not personxl entered into lightly without considerable thought on the part of the Mistress and the slave but the rewards are momentous. It is quite amazing the change that overtakes a slave once he realizes that in reality he has no choice but to serve with perfection and obey absolutely his Mistress or suffer extremely humiliating consequences.

The change for the Mistress is equally momentous but not woman seeking man in dubai all surprising. The peraonal of absolute and unquestionable power is totally - www. The one question remains and that is whether the Mistess really wants to effect the change which brings me back to the first question in the questionnaire.

Is he a husband or a slave? And here is the reason why I would never marry a slave; I have no wish to be faced with the dilemma described. In my view a male is an inferior being who is fit pa mistress seeking personal slave to grace my pa mistress seeking personal slave as a full and abject non consensual slave.

There are all sorts of conflicting feelings particularly if pa mistress seeking personal slave has been married to her slave for some time. As a final thought only the Pa mistress seeking personal slave knows whether she would actually carry out the threat she has imposed but for the slave the threat is real pa mistress seeking personal slave and sufficient.

From this point forward I will assume that the reader has moved or wishes to move from the consensual to the non consensual state. If not she may well consider that what follows is too extreme for. Throughout the book there are times when I use the word seeeking. This is not because I wish to dictate how pa mistress seeking personal slave Mistress should run her life. An ad placed in several magazines brought me a flood of applicants and it took many months to sort the wheat from the chaff as it.

There were the usual wannabees setting out pa mistress seeking personal slave detail what I could do to. These went straight in the bin. After extensive sorting I narrowed it down imstress a shortlist of five seeling interviewed each of them for several hours over a period of a week.

I introduced them to my ways of thinking, my rules, my expectations and my whips and canes pa mistress seeking personal slave I questioned them closely about their desires and their understanding of slavery.

Those who agreed immediately were dismissed as this misstress a really momentous consideration and mitsress not be made on the spot; More wannabees. One guy particularly impressed me. When misfress with this question he enquired further about the conditions t required and asked for a few days to think about it. I agreed and it took him three days before he was back at my feet. He came to live with me for a one month trial after which, t made it clear, he could back out or submit totally.

At the end of that month I was not in the least surprised when he crawled across the floor, kissed my feet, begged permission to speak and agreed to all of my conditions.

I Am Look Sexual Partners Pa mistress seeking personal slave

I had him pierced, ringed, and tattooed. Fitted him with manacles chains and a chastity device and took numerous photographs. Later that week I showed him the portfolio of pictures and stated what would happen if pa mistress seeking personal slave ever decided he wanted ;ersonal. I could see that he was somewhat shaken by the realisation of what he had.

7 hours ago Teasing Mistress seeking loyal slave for a long term relationship! . I'm a 63 yo dominant woman in the Pittsburgh PA area ISO someone who has a grasp of the D/s dynamic and the English language. Personal attendant. Results 1 - 10 I am also looking for a slave or Mistress. and meeting a slave to own,use as my personal his body and soul. i am a perfect trainer. Like to Pa mistress seeking personal slave, get nails and feet done, sleep out to eat. Put (Lick Me) in the subject Pa mistress seeking personal slave so i Pa.

For several minutes he knelt in silence. I still had doubts about what he would. Then he bowed his head to the floor, crawled to kiss my boots and prostrated himself at my feet. I knew then that 1 had my slave. He moved in immediately and a few weeks later gave up his job.

He has served me now for over 15 years. I have only occasionally had to remind him of the conditions of his servitude and he understands well enough to - www. Feelings of conflict can arise in the Mistress's mind. She cannot distinguish the husband from the slave. The Mistress frequently wishes to treat her husband normally, i.

Then sometime later she expects to find her slave bowing and scraping and grovelling to please her, obeying her every command with the respect due from one who is owned and controlled.

She may be well able to cope with this but the slave definitely will not. Of course the Female brain is far more complicated than that of the male which may explain why this is so.

After all he is the slave. So what can pa mistress seeking personal slave do in pa mistress seeking personal slave situation? One approach is to inform the slave that she wishes him to act as a husband for a time. To make normal approaches as any husband. She may allow him to wear clothes in the home during this time. She may allow him to sit on the furniture next to her or leave the room without permission.

Or go to the toilet without permission. On the other hand she may pa mistress seeking personal slave expect him to address her as Mistress. Fie will beautiful mature searching flirt Bear know which rules apply and which don't and he will pa mistress seeking personal slave in a position where pereonal is making choices for himself which is not the prerogative of a slave.

The situation is unstructured and quite unlike his conditioned role of obedient slave. The first thing a misteess must understand is that he has no rights to make any choices for himself so it is not surprising seekinng his servility suffers when he has to make. If a Mistress adopts this strategy she must lay down rules. Tell him exactly what he can do and cannot. And just as important she must inform him - www. Males and females do not oersonal alike and these conflicts illustrate one reason why I could never marry a slave.

What, for example are his instructions regarding eye contact? pa mistress seeking personal slave

Pa mistress seeking personal slave I Want People To Fuck

Should he ever be seated if the Mistress is not? What does he do if his Mistress enters or leaves the room?

But the slave is not used to mistreds such decisions. Indeed his Mistress will have trained him not to; he slabe simply to obey. That is after all his primary duty.

I hope the reader pa mistress seeking personal slave see that husbands and slaves are different animals and they cannot switch rapidly from one role to the. One strategy that can work is xeeking give the slave time off when he has freedom to behave as a husband. The time period allowed will peesonal be determined by the Mistress and not by negotiation.

This will give mitress slave security but pa mistress seeking personal slave Mistress may well find that she is not after all so keen on the idea when she sees her husband not showing the slavish respect she is used to.

However the remedy is simple and obvious. The pesonal male is a simple soul and always finds it hard to switch roles. He needs guidance and the security of a situation which exists all of the time. He needs to be regarded much as one would a child and copes best with a rigid set of rules he must adhere to and boundaries beyond which he must not step. There is nothing to prevent it happening if he is naked.

There is nothing to prevent him watching TV with her if she wishes it though Real sex massages would suggest it inappropriate for him to be seated on the settee beside. He can sit or kneel on the floor or a cushion may be provided. He could rest his back against the settee whilst still being in a position gay com chat rooms than the Mistress.

Further more the Mistress will continue to receive the respect due from a slave. She will remain fully ps control and he will know that all of the rules of his servitude still apply. She can ask him if she wants his opinion on matters and tell him he is free to say what he is thinking but his subservient role will be properly maintained as will his speech restrictions see later. What it comes down to is whether he is a husband or slave. He cannot in reality be.

He can be husband in name only and in reality a slave. Or it can be the other way. A Mistress faced with this dilemma must decide which way it is in order to achieve the lifestyle she is seeking. If it is a slave then non pa mistress seeking personal slave slavery is the only guaranteed pa mistress seeking personal slave to success. It may be difficult for some married women to grasp but if she wishes to have the services of a true non consensual slave mistrfss she sreking to mentally divorce mistresa so that what she sees before her is her husband no longer but her slave.

My advice to assist a married Mistress who may be experiencing pangs of conscience or doubts about treating her slave harshly is to put him in a hood. This has pa mistress seeking personal slave effect of gay fir pay the situation, allowing the Mistress to disconnect from previous feelings and follow her natural instincts so far as training the slave is concerned.

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It is much pa mistress seeking personal slave to forget that the new slave kneeling before her was formerly her husband if she cannot see the details of his face. Later on when the new relationship is well established in her mind the hood will not be necessary. When he kneels before her she will see only a slave. A sample declaration is included in the next chapter. It is fully aware of the conditions implied in that change. The slave understands that this change of its status is irrevocable.

It is common though not mandatory for a slave to be totally shaved in forced gay oral genital area. If he is to pa mistress seeking personal slave himself hairless then he will know the consequences of the Mistress finding pa mistress seeking personal slave hair on his belly and she will have a reason for punishment.

The Mistress will not need to think about it but he will know she might check at any time and therefore be thinking about it every day. However there is one member of our group who likes her slave in shoulder length hair. And why not; it is her choice. For those of the cropped hair persuasion I suggest a weekly hair cutting session by the Mistress with the slave kneeling on the floor.

This is not an onerous task and modem hair clippers can be easily adjusted to achieve the desired length. It is helpful in reinforcing control if this is done by the Mistress but it could be achieved by sending the slave to the barber if she does not feel competent to do it. If the Mistress requires her slave's head to be totally shaved then it is best if this is the slave's responsibility. I recommend the 'head blade razor' which is widely available together with 'head lube' which is available in gloss or matt finish.

When it comes to clothing I feel there is little room for compromise. green Bay girl looking for fun this summer

As I mentioned in My Twitter messages, I am looking for a personal slave! Lately.. .time has become a problem for Me, being involved in several. Results 1 - 10 I am also looking for a slave or Mistress. and meeting a slave to own,use as my personal his body and soul. i am a perfect trainer. She acquired a personal live in slave who has served her 24/7/ for the past ten . It is a word of advice for Mistresses seeking the services of a true slave; The same lock passes through a short chain attached to my slave's PA ring.

Clothing for a slave is a privilege and slaves rarely get privileges. The only seekinv for having a slave in clothes is from necessity.

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The naked slave is vulnerable and at a disadvantage to his Mistress. Failure to seeming this simple rule will give the slave ideas above pa mistress seeking personal slave station. If the slave needs clothes to carry out a task the Mistress has miztress then it is his responsibility to deal with.

He presents himself, performs whatever sign of respect the Mistress has decreed, begs permission to speak and begs fuck girl Lefkosia for clothing to go to the garage say. If agreed he puts on the minimum pa mistress seeking personal slave clothing necessary and continues with his work. When he returns he presents himself once again and mistrese without further command.

He then kneels and awaits the Mistress' signal to resume his duties. This may seem onerous for the slave but it is not the Mistress' problem.

Her life is easy but pa mistress seeking personal slave must apply the rule every single time no matter how. This is exactly what we are seeking to achieve; an easy comfortable life for the Mistress and total servitude from the slave. If it is pa mistress seeking personal slave for the slave to go outside ever few minutes he should beg permission to remain clothed until he has finished the task.

On completion he should report to the Mistress, strip and prostrate. I could not stand the sight of a slave serving me afternoon tea, when horny women at Escondido return home, dressed in a shirt, trousers, shorts or even just a thong.

He must be naked when performing any act of servitude for me unless circumstances make it impossible and I cannot imagine such a situation occurring in the privacy of my home. The other very important point is a psychological one. If the slave is allowed to serve wearing clothes then he will think his Mistress does not care, can't be bothered or is a soft touch and his servitude to her will deteriorate. Pa mistress seeking personal slave I ask about clothing the reason is usually apparent.

It is a simple rule and far more onerous for the slave than the Mistress. This brings me to an important point. It must never be like that and it can be avoided by putting the onus on the slave and setting down a rigid and detailed set of conditions and rituals which the slave must satisfy and follow at all times. Do not bother with leather; they get smelly and do not.

The only suitable material for permanent restraints is stainless steel and these will probably have to be made to measure. The question of whether to brand or tattoo your slave is obviously a matter for personal choice. Pa mistress seeking personal slave I do think it is vital to mark your slave permanently in some way. Consensual slaves are rarely branded but the non consensual ones invariably are as the brand is a much more humiliating mark for a slave to wear than a tattoo.

Branding can easily be done without risk by the Mistress in pa mistress seeking personal slave home. If the mark is a simple initial it is possible to bend a piece of thin steel wire into the shape required. Naturally this work will be assigned to the pa mistress seeking personal slave. The secret of a good brand is to heat the wire until it just glows dull red and apply it quickly to the skin for a count of about 2 seconds, no longer.

Then immediately apply some ice. This pa mistress seeking personal slave prevent spreading of the bum and consequent blurring of the mark. Such a brand will take about a week to ten days to heal completely and should be monitored for infection. Brands will fade over a long time but to my mind they are the most appropriate way to mark a slave.

Re-branding the slave every year on the anniversary of his enslavement say can become an important and significant ceremony for both Mistress and slave.

It is probably best to brand him where the mark will not be visible when the slave is in normal clothes or swimming trunks. Good areas are: My slave In the home he is never permitted clothing of any sort. If we go out together or I send him out on an errand he must present the clothes he is going to wear for my approval.

I do not decide what he should wear as this requires some effort on my. My life is supposed to be easy so he decides and I merely give approval or not. It is often said that being a lifestyle Mistress is hard work.

Believe me it is not. The secret is to make the slave do all the work Hornell NY milf personals use the term loosely whilst you sit back and approve or not. Once again I do not have to think about.

It is a ritual he must remember and follow and I have a naked slave kneeling at my feet, ready to serve without having to say milf dating in Forgan word. I pa mistress seeking personal slave not like body hair on a slave and a smooth skin pa mistress seeking personal slave an important requirement in choosing my slave. He knows that if I ever see a hair on his genital area or under his arms he will be caned.

His head hair is also kept shaved smooth on a daily basis before he presents himself for inspection. My slave has one brand and two tattoos. I am considering having the top of his head marked so I can see it when he is pleasuring me but have not yet carried this. Women who own male slaves have discovered that a denied and sexually frustrated male is compliant and submissive but a sexually fulfilled male is a lazy disrespectful man. So Mistresses have embraced the practice of male pa mistress seeking personal slave denial to limit the amount of orgasms their male.

This keeps him in a heightened submissive state. Orgasm denial can vary from the Mistress who allows her slave say one orgasm per week to those who think that one per month is sufficient for her male to keep his plumbing cleaned and his desire to serve at a maximum level. The male orgasm is a biological function that causes sexual release and relaxes both pa mistress seeking personal slave and mind and is more like the eruption of a volcano than the waves of a rippling ocean that is the female orgasm.

Thus men lose their desire to pleasure a woman after south african black naked women have climaxed. Keeping a male aroused but denied is the greatest and most effective technique a woman can employ for her own sexual fulfilment. Denying the slave orgasms is a real power rush and so easy to achieve. For the slave it is a constant reminder that his sexual desire, like everything else, is the property of his Mistress.

It is pa mistress seeking personal slave pleasure not the slave's that is important. The benefits of male orgasm denial become much more apparent outside the bedroom if the slave is locked up and denied permanently.

He will remain in a constant state of submission and subservience knowing that pleasing his Mistress in everything is his only chance for the release of his sexual frustration. Let me say categorically that the Mistress requiring total attentiveness and subservience from her slave must impose a regime approaching total permanent denial.

The slave must be allowed no access to his cock, permitted no masturbation pa mistress seeking personal slave orgasm and, if possible, not even be allowed to obtain erection. He pa mistress seeking personal slave leam that as a subservient he has no rights to any sexual pleasures and exists to provide sexual pleasures for his Mistress. There are no half measures where this is concerned so the woman who is serious about owning a real male slave should not shy away from total orgasm denial.

There are basically two categories of chastity device for male slaves, the chastity tube and the chastity belt. Of black dating girls former type amongst pa mistress seeking personal slave most popular is the CB This pa mistress seeking personal slave superseded the CB which was a somewhat crude device.

A tube encases the penis and is held in place by a ring behind the ball sack. It is important to get the sizing right for comfort and security and a number of rings and spacers are provided for this purpose. I now keep my slave permanently locked into one of these devices as it is the most unobtrusive of the type swingers Personals in Villard can even be worn under swimming trunk s.

However it is made from plastic good for airline security scannersis not particularly robust and not, in my opinion, very attractive to look at. Other devices of this type are available manufactured from steel and I am at present investigation those from steelworxx, a German company. The product appears on the face of it rather more aesthetically pleasing. The CB is not totally secure and it has been known for slaves to get their cocks out of the device, though if the spacers are right it is unlikely that they will extract their balls.

Inserts are available to trap the penis in its tube. One type simply makes the eat pussy Caseyville Illinois to the tube smaller but another has spikes which would be quite painful if the slave attempted to remove his cock from the tube. But for complete security it is possible to pa mistress seeking personal slave a genital piercing and an additional small lock see Chapter 10; Piercing.

My slave has a Prince Albert PA piercing in the end of his cock and another lock through this ring ensures total security Chastity belts are more complicated devices. Made from steel they consist of a waistband, crotch shield and chains which pass between the legs.

These www. Additionally a thin strap between the legs can be used to secure a butt plug in place. From an aesthetic point of view I think the belts look better on a slave than the tubes and the CB is particularly unattractive compared with the steel ones.

I guess it is chunkier being made from plastic. Additionally with the belt the slave can be kept plugged. However for long term wear under clothes the tubes win every time. They are smaller, can be worn under swim trunk s and do not inhibit free movement which pa mistress seeking personal slave often a pa mistress seeking personal slave with the belts when worn for extended periods under clothes.

Some chastity tubes can now be obtained with a smaller tube in the end which is inserted into the penis and through which the slave urinates thus keeping the whole device much cleaner and extending times between necessary cleaning.

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Cleaning is always a problem and should be carried out at least once a day for tranny escort la in permanent chastity.

This can usually be achieved with a power shower alleviating the need for the device to be removed. However belts with small drainage holes should be thoroughly cleaned every day or so to remove the build up of secretions which every male slave seems quite unable to control.

Mistreds word about butt plugs. A Mistress requiring the use of her slave's anus for say a strap-on or electro anal torture should open him up gradually by increasingly extended use of a butt plug.

Do not use water based lubricants with butt plugs as they are quickly absorbed by the skin. The lining of pa mistress seeking personal slave anus is very delicate and quite easily damaged so anything inserted must be well imstress and very smooth. Petroleum jelly is the best lubricant and will not be absorbed. Start with a small plug and increase the size and length of pa mistress seeking personal slave gradually until the slave can take whatever you require for as long as you wish.

Recently Neosteel have introduced an electric plug with a remote control to fit the chastity belt. The transmitter has a range of up to one hundred metres - www. Penis wands Penis wands or prince's drunk women in Sete lagoas are smooth steel tubes which are inserted into pa mistress seeking personal slave urethra and held in position with screw pins through the genital piercing.

For long term wear the smallest misrress should be chosen 6mm in diameter. If the wand is to be used in conjunction with a chastity tube or belt the section which is inserted into the penis should be fairly short 3 to 4 cm or the penis will not fit into the CB. It is also a good idea to order a wand which protrudes about 1 cm from the zeeking of the penis as this can extend beyond the end of the CB making the whole thing much cleaner when the slave pees.

There is pa mistress seeking personal slave worse that a smelly slave. It is a fact that most slave's penises drip with pre cum when the slave is aroused. A penis wand can prevent this as they usually have a screw in plug at the end which can be fitted with a ring.

The plug is removed when the slave pees and then replaced. My slave: Additionally he has a short penis wand secured in his PA piercing.

During the night and also during the day when I am away from the house it is the that he wears. It allows more freedom of movement for the tasks I have set but I do not much see,ing seeing my slave's cock in a thick pa mistress seeking personal slave tube.

If it is locked away it should be invisible. If I want the slave's cock visible I have it properly displayed with the tip locked to the waist pa mistress seeking personal slave. It is then very vulnerable and the balls are nicely presented as. It is good at times to see one's property on display even though I am never going to make use of it as intended.

I prefer the appearance of the belt and also shemale group party to have him plugged a lot of the time. Obviously in the home the misgress is permanently naked so the problem associated with the belt and clothes does not apply.

When I return home I usually have him remove the tube and either chain his cock as described or put him in the belt with butt strap locked on.

This is good www. Changing of the two devices is always carried out in my presence so the slave has no chance ever of a secret masturbation. I do not have to instruct the slave to do this; I simply throw the keys on the pa mistress seeking personal slave.

He has been conditioned to swap the belts when Hot Girl Hookup Strathmoor Gardens do this and pa mistress seeking personal slave return the keys to me, held between his teeth. That which has just been removed is then immediately cleaned ready for its next use. The keys are kept in my purse. This is by far the best chastity device I have come across for long term wear.

Made from metal it is robust and totally encloses the slave's cock pa mistress seeking personal slave balls, preventing all access. It also enables the use of the whip in this area without the risk of causing damage. I have substituted the original locks at the side for one at the front and this is used to secure the cover. The same lock passes pa mistress seeking personal slave a short chain attached to my slave's PA ring.

Thus the device is pa mistress seeking personal slave secure. In addition I have dispensed with the elastic waist band and 'The Helmet' is permanently attached to my slave's waist chain. There is a considerable pa mistress seeking personal slave at the crotch but this presents no problem for most of the time. My slave is always naked in my home and the bulge is easily covered for a trip to the shops if the shirt or sweater is worn outside the trousers.

This is achieved if the slave pours a few beakers of water into the top foot massage hollywood the device every time it urinates.

The design allows this easily without compromising security. Once a day perhaps a dilute solution of antiseptic could be used to kill any lingering bacteria. My slave has now worn one of these devices continuously for 6 pa mistress seeking personal slave with no hint of unpleasant odour. This is a plastic version of the original KTB which is - www.

There pa mistress seeking personal slave room inside the cover of 'The Helmet' for the bracelet which is placed on my slave's penis just below the head and secured with a cable tie. Then the cover is locked in position making sure the small padlock also secures the chain attached to the slave's PA. My slave now wears this device permanently. It is removed only when the CB is required, i.

Sadly the KTB has to be removed on those rare occasions but I now have total control which is what I desire. Any kind of permanent piercing placed on a slave has significance nigerian muslim singles dating it is the dominant's mark placed upon her property.

Most common piercings are earlobe, nipple, nose, tongue and genital. A small sexy thick redbones pendant with the Mistress' initials can be hung from an earring. Nipple piercings are distinctly more erotic than an ear piercing. Sensitivity often increases when a nipple is pierced and the nipple also tends to spread. Nipple skin is fairly tough and, provided the piercing is well healed, quite considerable weights can be hung from the jewellery.

My personal preference is for a nipple single black women seeking black men to be permanently worn. Nipple rings can also be used as attachments for leads and also to chain a slave to a ring set in the floor or wall. The nose piercing is very humiliating for a slave, giving rise to images of pigs and bulls tethered by their nose rings.

For this reason many Mistresses who have their slave's noses pierced take the rings out in public. My slave's nose was pierced some 5 years ago and the ring is now worn permanently. As with the nipple rings it is a good attachment point for chaining the slave. For a Mistress who enjoys lots of oral servitude piercing the slave's tongue can add considerably to her pleasure. I am sure I do not need to elaborate.

As with all piercings this must be done professionally as getting it wrong can result in a paralysed tongue which rather defeats the objective. Genital piercings are the most highly charged erotic piercings and piercing a slave's genitals sends a very definite message to the slave. The penis head, and shaft, the scrotal sac and the perineum can all be pierced.

For a slave kept in chastity these could hardly be described as decorative as for most of the time they will be hidden. Their purpose therefore is to reinforce the idea that the sexuality of the slave is captive and totally controlled. Launceston adult services are deep piercings pa mistress seeking personal slave can take many pa mistress seeking personal slave to heal properly.

Sometimes they bleed profusely at the start but rarely become infected since they are washed by the slave's sterile urine every time he pees. The PA and perineum piercings can be used in conjunction to ensure absolute security for a slave in a chastity tube such as the CB as it has been known for slaves to extract their penises from such devices. Tubes like those from Steelworxx are more secure as they incorporate a facility for locking a PA ring to the tube.

Depending on the design of the full chastity belt is may also be possible to use a PA lock or harrisonburg backpage escorts perineum chain for added security in these devices as.

My slave now has all of these piercings though they were not all carried out all at the same time. The PA piercing now has a short chain attached which is secured when wife wants nsa Byng cover of the new 'Helmet' chastity device is padlocked in place.

It is to be hoped that she now views him a different light as this will make the task much easier. Firstly the slave must be humbled. He must be made to realise that he is in every way inferior to his Mistress and even how to get sex 60004 he tries very hard his servitude will at best never progress beyond satisfactory in her eyes.

She must enforce her dominance by setting, and ensuring the slave lives up to, exacting standards in everything he does. There is no better way to humble a slave than to get him to repeat a task he has already completed. Pa mistress seeking personal slave Mistress simple states that it is not good enough and applies a suitable number of strokes with the cane and orders him to repeat the task. Pa mistress seeking personal slave the task is pa mistress seeking personal slave not done satisfactorily the caning can be doubled and the task repeated.

The way he presents himself, genuflects and his body language in your presence shows a lot about the respect and reverence he holds for his Mistress. Before he bows his feet must be very widely spaced. When he bows his head must be lowered to the level of his knees, no half measures. And the bow must be held for the correct time. When he drops to his knees they must be widely spread, as wide as he can manage, every time he does it not just.

When he kneels the belly must be sucked in, chest forward, shoulders back, head bowed. When he crawls his nose must brush the floor. He is being taught he is the lowest of the low. These things are easy to check and constant correction will quickly tell the slave that his Mistress means business. During training each aspect of his servitude should be examined and corrected.

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Ten sharp strokes of prrsonal cane on the slave's buttocks should follow every mistake or lack of attention to. Constant attention to detail is the watchword and the Mistress will find that effort in imstress direction at the perwonal will bring rewards.

It will quickly become www. If he is slow to learn then the most effective techniques is to punish him by slaev his life more irksome. My slave Initially I concentrated on pa mistress seeking personal slave aspect per pa mistress seeking personal slave, gradually accumulating a record of routines in the slave's mind. It took nearly two hours to train him to serve a glass of wine properly during which time he received well over strokes of the cane.

As watch porn and play hosting training proceeded he became much more adept at learning my requirements and consequently, as time went on, he went to bed each night with less of a sore ass than slve the start.

Pain is an excellent vehicle for learning and caning an already bruised pair of buttocks mistrexs even more seekng an incentive. I once made my slave practice entering pa mistress seeking personal slave leaving the room with a full glass of water in his hands for a whole hour after he forgot to bow.

He has never failed to bow correctly persoal. On a similar occasion when he had trouble crawling with his nose to the floor I had him crawling on his belly for a day. Now he crawls on hands and knees very well with his nose in contact with the floor at all times. Early on in his training I had him fasten two pieces of wood together in the form of a letter T. This is used to check the spread of his knees when he kneels. If the cross piece will not fit between his knees he gets 10 penalty points and 1 0 strokes of the cane.

I used it beautiful wives seeking sex Westampton during his training but it is still around and he knows Pa mistress seeking personal slave may check at any time if I suspect any slackness in his posture. Slackness in posture leads to slackness elsewhere and it is a good idea to remind even a trained slave that every aspect of his servitude is constantly being monitored.

The third way to train a slave is to deny the slave mistrfss opportunity to speak. Often a slave, of the consensual variety will offer excuses as to why his servitude was lacking. A thoroughly trained one will realize ap the Mistress is not interested in excuses. None are acceptable. It is therefore beneficial to have the slave gagged for much of the time if you are training.

He gets used to the fact that you don't want pa mistress seeking personal slave hear what he has to say. The non consensual slave will pa mistress seeking personal slave seekong, he knows better but the former kind. Eventually he will realise that the Mistress's judgement of his performance is all that matters; and criticism of any kind from her will bring an instant apology from the slave.

Of course if the Mistress does not wish to make use of the aquarius woman and cancer woman tongue there is no reason why he should not be gagged all the time. Another key element in the humbling process is to teach the slave that he is simply an object, there to be used as and when the Mistress requires but between times he is ignored.

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He may spend much time in his room or prostrate on the floor but he is available pq any time at the whim of his Mistress. A further training technique is to summon the slave at any time, day or night, to carry out the simplest most menial task. If I want a drink in the middle of the night I summon the slave and he gets it for me.

If I need a light adjusted and I have sent the slave to his room the same things applies. The slave learns that he is available at any time to attend to the smallest detail of his Mistress's comfort however trivial. Mistresses have often said to me that being a full time Mistress pa mistress seeking personal slave very hard to maintain all the time. My reply is that is does not have to be. It all oersonal on how you train the slave.

The idea is to lay down a set of detailed rules for the slave to obey for all routine acts of servitude. Then the Mistress can lie pa mistress seeking personal slave, relax and pa mistress seeking personal slave his servitude.

It is a zeeking to think that kistress Mistress has to be constantly thinking of interesting and amusing thinks to do to her seeeking. Of course this is a rewarding aspect of the relationship but it must never become a chore. The slave will then acknowledge the order, perform obeisance, leave the room, prepare the drink, ladies looking casual sex West Rutland the room, perform obeisance again, serve the pa mistress seeking personal slave and assume an at rest position exactly as she requires him to do without the Mistress having to think of or issue a further command.

Thorough training of the slave makes life very easy for the Mistress. As well as having detailed instructions for every act of servitude the slave should be given a detailed daily timetable of duties. The Lonely lady looking hot sex Mendocino can then relax and concentrate on other things whilst the slave ensures that the day runs smoothly. There are seeling added bonuses.

Firstly the more detailed the training the more chance the slave has of making a mistake and the more reasons the Mistress www. alave

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Not that a Mistress needs a reason for punishing a slave but I am assuming that any Mistress will enjoy punishing and inflicting pain on her slave. She would be a very strange Mistress if she pa mistress seeking personal slave not. Secondly the slave will have less opportunity to think independently and therefore vary the level of servitude.

Slaves peesonal not pa mistress seeking personal slave for themselves and will only give opinions if asked. On top of this when he behaved in a way she disliked, far from admonishing him and punishing slav she personql assumed he did not really want to be a slave and let him get away with poor service. It is a serious mistake for the Mistress to believe that a male slave will behave as a slave should without detailed training backed up with persistent vigilance and punishment.

A slave needs rules and the sure knowledge that his Horny girls in Seymour will punish him if he strays from.

Pa mistress seeking personal slave

I had the slave in question with me for a session usa escort review it turned out that his view of things was that his Mistress could not be bothered initially to train him and let him get away with all kinds of slack behaviour without correcting.

So naturally he pa mistress seeking personal slave this as the norm. This was a msitress for disaster. After two hours with the slave he went home with his horizons considerably extended seking a very long letter to his Mistress. Additionally he sported a very sore ass. I actually assessed him as having very good slave potential. What I want from a slave is, instant obedience, humility, reverence, respect, adoration, and evidence of his acceptance of his obligation to serve based on a degree of anxiety or fear of punishment.

Anything less than this is unacceptable. If not she probably would have put the book down by. A Mistress should never tell a slave pa mistress seeking personal slave he pa mistress seeking personal slave do as he wishes. If she does not require the services of her slave for a while she should put him to the floor, send him to his room, chain him up somewhere or lock him persnoal his cage yes I do pa mistress seeking personal slave one.

The slave must leam that, if he is sent to his room he may not do anything at all unless he has begged permission. He may be permitted to read, listen to music etc but not until he has the permission of his Mistress.

This way he quickly learns that he is under her control, totally and continuously even if he is not in his Mistress' presence. It is important to understand the speed dating brisbane over 40 of the male slave if one is to successfully train one to serve you properly.

If the slave is late in performing an act of servitude, serving morning tea say and the Mistress lets it pass pa mistress seeking personal slave slave will think that he can get away with being late. He will think that it is not important to be on pa mistress seeking personal slave. If the Mistress lays down the law and states that mstress tea will be served at exactly 8 am and that he will get one stroke of the cane for every second he is late then he is unlikely to be late more than.

If he kneels incorrectly and pa mistress seeking personal slave Mistress fails to correct him he will always kneel incorrectly. Another friend of mine spoke recently of her armidale horny married women complaining that she sex massage Firoz Haryar caught him one evening not wearing his chastity belt.

She went out to work leaving the slave at home with work to. On the day in question she returned early and discovered that her slave had released himself from the belt as he knew where she kept the key. It transpired that seekin frequently did this, always putting the belt on before his Mistress arrived home.

Obviously she was furious but she complained to me that she thought the slave should have kept the belt on because he wanted to. I had to point out that a thoroughly trained and subjugated slave does many things that he does not want to do because he is a slave and he has to.

Given the chance, any slave will do his best to avoid the things he does not like and permanent chastity, orgasm denial is one of. She saw the point and now keeps all the keys in her purse. What I am really trying to illustrate is that a Mistress will pa mistress seeking personal slave the quality of slave she insists on. So thorough training, setting out in exacting detail what is expected of him is what is needed personsl produce the perfect male slave.

This - www. A few weeks of exacting training along these lines will slafe wonders with any slave. Speech Training The slave should be taught that only certain words and phrases are acceptable when he speaks to his Mistress. The slave should never refer to himself as T. The slave should always use the formal mode of address 'Mistress' at least persona in every phrase it utters.

The slave should always seek permission to speak before addressing his Mistress. After punishment is an ideal ladies wants sex tonight Lone for a slave to demonstrate his submission. It begs permission to kiss your housewives wants real sex McFarlan Mistress'. If I ever wish a conversation with the slave I will initiate one but it will always occur with him in a position of subjugation.

I may even ask his opinion on some matter but I never place the slave in a position where he might get even the slightest idea that he being treated as an equal so he is never allowed even to make eye pa mistress seeking personal slave except in public. If the slave has been permitted to ask a question or to attend to its needs he should similarly be trained to thank the Mistress for her decision. Phrases such as; 'Thank you Mistress', 'Please Mistress your slave thanks you for your decision' and 'Please Mistress it thanks you for your decision' are appropriate whatever the decision of the Mistress and maintain the correct attitude of servility.

As in all aspects of training, the slave positions are used to enable the slave to better serve, obey and please his Mistress. Few things define the slave more than slave posture and positions. Slave positions are often used to: With one word or pa mistress seeking personal slave gesture a Mistress places a slave in mistrss position that is useful and or pleasing to her and reduces the amount of instructions that are needed to direct his actions.

In addition, the use of positions will assist a Mistress in making behavioural modification. Positions create mlstress his mind a feeling of helplessness to control the position and movement of his body. His behaviour is controlled by his Mistress and this reinforces training. He can only change positions when his - www. This includes not only his skin, but his mouth, ears, cock, balls and anal area. Inspection positions are also used to insure proper hygiene, examine bruises from punishment, insure he is following shaving instructions, and reinforce in pa mistress seeking personal slave mind that no part of his being is private from his Mistress.

Instruction positions are positions that are used for see,ing a slave. In other words, when the Mistress places a slave in an instruction position, he knows to focus on her commands and or instructions intently. I use the verbal command 'LEARN' and when a slave hears pa mistress seeking personal slave command he knows to assume the 'Kneel' position and direct his entire attention to what I am saying because my intent is to mistrews.

There are also several positions that are painful to hold for a long period of time and some Mistresses use them karachi sexy girls punishment or to train a slave to focus on following orders.

Sexual positions are taught to the slave so he can better serve her sexually and in a way she wishes. A slave is not always in use by his Mistress.