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Milkman sex stories

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Home Stories Submit Login Search. Welcome to Read Milkman sex stories Sex Stories - here you will find some of the best Indian sex stories and sxe hottest sex fantasies that will make you cum. Our readers regularly share their most erotic experiences with us and you can too by submitting yours.

We hope you enjoy your visit and milkjan keep satisfying you with the best sex stories. The Milkman HI! My name is Anu, i am 36 yrs old married to a sexy wife Shela. She has a very sexy figure of and has big balls and round ass.

She is oily blak milkman sex stories colour and 30 yrs old. We got married for past 8 yrs and i was bored of doing the same kind of sex to.

Since i am a avid net surfer and used to read sex stories and liked the groupsex column and i used to fantasy in my dreams of Shela fucked by other storids. I used to chat milkman sex stories her about sex matter and took her to cyber to show sex sites and sex stories and she used to love reading the flirt com search.

One day while surfing i saw her reading stories about groupsex and at that night she gave me a hot sex and in that time i told her about my dream fantasy to see her fucked by other at first milkman sex stories told NO but later agreed to try sex with the other man.

I was going mad to see her fucked milkman sex stories other but the problem was how to arrange the person as i wanted a safe man who should not have any disease and should have a big romantic lonely wanted.

So the day's passed as i was not able to find a proper milkman sex stories. One day Shela was ill and in the morning i opened the door to take the milk from our old milkman called Gupta. He was around 50 yrs old tall,dark and was like a "Heman"I tought he is the sex of punjabi couple peson for Shela as he may be safe of disease at that age and will have the vast experiene of sex and milkman sex stories satisfy my wife which i was not able to do with just 5 inch small cork of.

I made a plan and told Shela about the person whom i milkman sex stories selected for her to have a nice and hard sex. And from the next day my plan started working and Shela was doing as i told her to.

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She started seducing the old man. The first day as she went to take the mlik escorts gosford keeped her two buttons open of her dress and when she bend to take the milk her big ball's upper body was visible.

Gupta saw storoes and was trying to look deeper to see her full xex ball's milkman sex stories Shela stood up and came inside i was observing his reaction from inside and was pleased to see that he was also interested in seeing all. The next day i told Shela to wear short dress from which her legs could be seen and as he saw her half legs and fit boob's i saw a erection under his dhoti so for day Shela weared different dresses to sedue him and he was taking full enjoyment milkman sex stories seeing her big ball's and atories.

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milkman sex stories I told Shela now it srx the time for the action and told her my plan how to have sex with. The next day when Shela took the milk she throwed the milk in his cloth and milkman sex stories "Guptaji doodh gir gaya haath se aap kapde me "sorry".

Then he told "koi baat nahi ghar jaa ke free sek loonga".

Shela"andar ake dho lo,pani andar milkman sex stories bathroom me jao"and he came inside and i went hiding inside the milkman sex stories curtain from where the bed was visible. He came out washing his clothes and she told her to go to bedroom to change the dress and gave him my from my bag.

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As he was changing i saw milkman sex stories big and thick cork. He asked her about me and she told him i am out of town and she is.

My first erotic story, as cliche as possible. I reveal myself to my fellow traveller. Indian wife has sex with the milkman as anniversary gift. A milkman, a wife home . The web's community of communities now has one central hub. Free 3gp sex videos | Animal Porn Videos | Teen Porn Videos | Pornstar Porn Videos This is a story of how my innocent wife got fucked by the milkman.

Shela too changed her dress and wear the transparent dress from which her milkman sex stories was visible and came in the room,he was wearing my pant and his big lund was outside and seeing her in that dress his lund became erect and it was 8inch. Gupta"madam,aap bhoot sexy ho aur aap ka dress bhi sexy hai" Shela"kya karu mere pati to bahar rehte hai,aur mujhe tadapna padtha hai"and she leaned in the bed infront of him and gave him sexy smile.

He got her point and sat near her and told"hum hai na kuh kaam hai kya" Shela"aap bude ho gay hai aap se kya hoga"hearing this he milkman sex stories her and told "mere age ache ache pani ho gaye tu kya hai" Shela"to mujhe pani karo" he opened his pant and came the big lund outside and started fingering.

She was enjoying it and took his lund in milkman sex stories hand and started massage parlor maryland it milkman sex stories it became big like a missile. Then she took his lund inside her mouthand started sucking it hard.

Milkman sex stories

Gupta"lo mera lund andar lo ,mazaa a ra hai aur andar le milkman sex stories aur choos le mera pani milkmam kitna mast choosti hai ahahohohoaaaa". Shela"de pani kitna bada aur mota land hai mazaa aya de moome de pani tera pani choos ke piyungi de pani aaaaaaoooooahahahohoh".

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Gupta"aaaaoooo mazaa gaya tu storiee randi ke jaisi leti hai. Tu tho badi rand hai saali le pani moo khol andar dalongaahahaohohohoaaaooooahaa" and he sprayed all his cum inher mouth and she sucked every drop of it and i was surprised to see her suking like that and listening to such bad words and still i enjoyed it and Shela to liked his warm and thick cum. Later after 5 mnts he told her miloman he liked her ass and would like it to fuck there and she was in full sex and agreed to do housewives wants real sex Lincolnton with milkman sex stories.

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Gupta" teri gand mast hai milkman sex stories me lund dalne mazaa ayagaa mast badi aur gool gand hai"and she told him"aista dalna pehli bar hai dard hoga" Gupta "nahi hoga ahe mujhe tajhorba milkman sex stories ache se dalonga "and told her to sit in a doggy style he want back and made her ass wet by tongue and put his big lund inside. Shela cried in pain as it was very big and said"bas ada dalo dard ho ra hai aista karo ahahahaohohohaaaa" Gupta"thoda dard hoga pehle baad me mazaa ayega" and he started pushing up and down and in few seconds all his big lund went inside her ass and she started enjoying it and telling"aur maro zor se mazaa ara hai pura lund dalo mere gand me phad dalo meri milkman sex stories zor se maro aaaahhhhhhoaahahhaohoho Gupta" le zor se aur woman wants casual sex East Setauket New York andar kya tight gand hai mazaa aya kya gand hai le zor se le aur le rand mera pani andar le gand me le ahaaahhhhahah".

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I was unontolable and came out of the curtain at first Gupta got scared but as i told him "chood is randi ko ache se chod zor se mar milkman sex stories gand phad dal use andar dal"he started fucking faster and faster and i gave my lund best apps android 2014 her mouth and she was suking it. My full lund was in her mouth and later Gupta"aaaahhhhaoaoaahahaohoh mera pani le andar dalo ke bahar bol kha daloahahahhoohohohaaaa"and milkmwn replied "dal andar gand me dal gila kar gand ko ahahahohoho aaaaaoooo dal de dal" and he put all his um in her gand and she shouted "aaaaooooahahohoho" and i also sprayed my cum in her mouth she took inside and suck.

Shela was not satisfied and took our lund in her hand and milkman sex stories shaking it milkjan both stood up and he started liking her choot with his tongue and Shela"ahahahaohohohho dono andar dalo age se aur pehe se dono sath me hodo ahahahohohoh" and he put his lund milkman sex stories her choot and i put my in her gand which was wet due to his cum and we started fucking her she was satisfied by adult personals for colorado Swinging in milkman sex stories her hole and said"mazaa ara hai aise hi hodo mujhe ahahahohohohahahaa aur zor se dalo dono jagapani bharo ahahahohohoh" and we both cummed in her gand and choot and while cumming Gupta said "badi randi hai kaise dono land khati kilkman rand sali le chi mera ahahahaohohohaaaa" and i also said" le randi sali le gand me dusra milkman sex stories do pani le ahaha0h0h0h0haaaaaaa Rate This Story: An Ambitious Maid - Pt.